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3 Easy Steps to Jumpstart Your Success from Within

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By Brenda MacIntyre

Sure, there are LOTS of things we need to do to be successful in our lives and businesses. And it depends on how you define success. But what I’ve found is these 3 easy steps open your doorway to whatever it is that you want. When practiced often, they bring a deep sense of peace, harmony and stillness… and your natural inner wisdom can then flow into your conscious awareness. And that means you feel and become inspired, the next steps present themselves to you, and life can show you (and you can SEE and EXPERIENCE) the manifestation of your true desires. Don’t you just love that?

Here are the 3 easy steps…

1.    Gratitude – and don’t just feel it – EXPRESS IT!! Shout it out loud. Dance it. Laugh it. Giggle it. Cry tears of it. Sing it from the depths of your soul. Until you feel it take you higher. Until you feel yourself swept up into it and the next step comes.

2.    Sweet Release – Gratitude will naturally bring you here. And so will checking in with yourself every now and then on what limitations you need to leave behind in order to grow. To bring more light into your body and maintain that light within you, you’re going to need to let go of layers of lower vibration energy – like shame, doubt, fear, anger, frustration, depression, and all the limiting beliefs that have kept that energy within and around you. And let it go with love and gratitude. Clean up your space too! What lower vibration items do you need to give away, throw out or uplevel? What do they represent that you also want to release?

3.    Surrender into Spirit Connection – The energies are here and are only going to amplify and feel even stronger now that we are right in the middle of this Great Re-Awakening. The best we can do right now is to stop trying to control it all, because we can’t possibly “make” things happen right now. We need to navigate the flow with our inner and outer guidance – our intuition and our guides, angels, ancestors, the higher beings who are here to help us. So I don’t mean surrender as in “give up”. As Abraham would say, “let go of the oars” and instead of trying to go upstream, relax and head downstream. And connecting to your spirit through surrender… just allowing Gratitude to take you into Sweet Release and then Surrendering your ego-mind’s control… Well, basically just hand the driver’s seat over to your spirit! And you’ll be off and running.

Okay, I know these steps may seem obvious but they aren’t as easy as they look. It’s consistency that counts! Not only that, but yes, there are always action steps we need to take. We can do all the attracting and manifesting we want by just being, but we do have to take steps to receive (I’ll be sharing a lot more about that on my next webinar!).

If you start with Gratitude, and let it take you naturally into the 2nd and 3rd steps, your life will begin to change. And here’s the cool thing…

The actions you need to take will present themselves – this is what I call Inspired Action.

I’d love to hear how you do with this! Drop me a line in a couple of weeks and let me know how it went – but only if you IMPLEMENTED these steps fully and consistently – because that’s the only way it’s going to work from here on out.


About Brenda:

Medicine Song Woman Brenda MacIntyre is an Aboriginal healer, spiritual business mentor and Juno award-winning singer. Brenda’s latest CD earned her a nomination for a 2010 Canadian Folk Music Award. She specializes in helping spirit-led women entrepreneurs to birth their voice, gifts and power through their business, for more fulfillment, prosperity and impact.

Find out more and connect with Brenda here.

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