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7 Ways to Ramp Up Your Facebook Engagemen BEFORE You Launch a Promotion

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Are you one of those people who shows up on Facebook just when you have something to promote? Well, you don’t need me to tell you this, but if you’re committed to success with your social media efforts then you’ll need to start creating real engagement and meaningful connections with your network on a consistent basis – and not just when you have an offer for them.

In many ways, how you grow a social media community is no different than how you grow your real life community. People are people – regardless of how you connect with them. You need to take the time to create the Know, Like and Trust factor before they’re willing to do business with you.

So how do you do that on Facebook?

There are a number of things you can do to spark engagement with your Facebook community – but here are a few suggestions you can do 6-8 weeks before you launch a promo to that help facilitate conversation — and hopefully give you some traction –before you start promoting to your network.

1. Be Exceptionally Proactive in Growing Your Tribe

Before you start engaging your audience, make sure you have enough of the right people in your network. Assuming you’ve identified the characteristics and created a profile of your ideal client – look for ways to have more of them in your friends’ list.

So how do you find the right people on Facebook? For starters, Facebook is always providing you with suggestions. You also find them in Groups, Pages, friends of your friends. And don’t forget to add people you meet in real life to your Facebook network.

Fab Tip: It’s super helpful to organize your Facebook friends list so that you can target/exclude specific groups from some of your posts and ensure your content is relevant to your audience. You can click here to view any lists you have and/or add new ones.

2. Deepen Your Social Listening

We all know that the key to effective communication is listening – and that could not be more true in our social media connections. Go through your newsfeed and comment where appropriate. At the very least you want to acknowledge some posts by hitting the like button.

You need to be in the habit of doing that at all times – but especially if you have a big promo or launch coming up – so that you connect deeper with your community.

Please note that you have more control over what shows up in your newsfeed than you might think – so take the time to adjust your settings for a more pleasant and personalized experience.

Fab Tip: Once you’ve created your friend lists, then you can filter the stories in your newsfeed to see specific groups so you can choose to view your  with your family, personal friends, networking contacts, etc.

3. Start posting Regular Non-Promotional Content on Your Timeline

You want to start relating with your Facebook community on a personal level and making real connections by being authentic, real and vulnerable (when appropriate). Don’t be afraid to show some personality and taking a stand on issues that matter to you.

I’m not suggesting posting 10x/day – but you might want to at least increase the frequency of your posts and also be more selective and strategic in how you do it so your tribe gets used to your regular posts.

Fab Tip: Don’t post and run. Take the time to respond to comments if you feel there’s a value add and dive deeper into the conversations.

4. Share Fun Bits and/or Success Stories About Your Work & Clients 

Depending on how established your brand is, you might want to start sharing occasional posts about your clients, success stories you’re having, photos, etc. You’ll want to keep this conversational, fun and authentic – so no sales pitches, no links to offers, no promo. This is strictly to build your personal brand and also position you as an expert in your field.

If you are fairly new in business and/or you suspect that a lot of folks in your network aren’t fully aware of what you do – then you might want to educated them by letting them know what you do and how you can help them. Again, nothing too promotional.

5. Create a Facebook Support Group

The reach of your Facebook posts largely depends on how much engagement it gets. The more comments, shares and liked it has, the more likely Facebook will decide to show it to more people. If you have a group of friends, family, contacts who are willing to comment regularly on your posts (and you do the same for them) then the chances of your posts reaching more people will skyrocket.

6. Check Your Notifications!

The red notification should be one of the first things to check when logging in to your Facebook account. screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-11-09-37-amYou can quickly scroll down to see if there’s anything there that requires your attention. If someone posts on your wall or tags you in a post or photo, then you can like/comment – or perhaps delete/untag. If you’re invited to an event then you can respond. If you’re added to a Group, then you can decide if you’d like to stay (and possibly adjust your notification settings for that particular group) or leave.

Fab Tip: If you comment on a post and you keep receiving notifications about it, you can click on the arrow (or slide on mobile) to stop receiving notifications about that post. Phew.

7. Look for More Groups & Pages

screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-11-07-08-amThere are a ton of great groups on Facebook that you can participate in. Do a bit of research and identify few groups that are a good fit with your business, personality and also that are active and provide value content.  Be sure to read the terms of engagement for any groups that you consider taking an active role in as some allow promotional posts while others will outright ban you for that.

Be selective on which ones to participate in and start commenting on the posts and engaging in the conversation.

Fab Tip: You can adjust your push notification setting for each individual group, so you don’t get totally overwhelmed with endless notifications.

Other Ways to Increase Engagement  

  • Take selfies
  • Change your profile/cover photo
  • Host a Facebook Live
  • Ask questions
  • Share special moments, anniversaries, touching stories, etc.
  • Ask advice for photos, book covers, outfits
  • Post pictures of food, kittens, puppies or babies

What can you add to the list above? What’s worked for you when it comes to boosting engagement on your Facebook community?



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