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Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life

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One of the exercises we did during the Workshop “Attract Abundance Into Your Life” on June 7th, was about clearing emotions. It is very important exercise, since your habitual state of consciousness is the number one factor that influences your personal experiences. It is reflected in your routine thoughts, feelings, and self-talk. To feed what you want is easy—it’s largely a matter of starving your unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and self-talk.

Self-awareness is the key

Here is the formula: Ten times per day—or more: Check in with yourself and ask the question,“How do I feel right now?

As a reminder: Set an app or the alarm onyour cellphone, post sticky notes  at random, paint one fingernail with a different coloured polish, wear your watch on the opposite arm, put a band-aid on a finger—do anything that will catch your attention to ask, “How do I feel right now?”

Three simple steps that can change your life

If you are experiencing only positive feeling, simply say to yourself, “Thank you for checking in. I love you, I love you, I love you.

If there is ANY kind of negativity, it is false, based on misinterpretation and the running of an “old program” from the past. It’s time to do the following three steps—they have helped to make a huge difference in my life:

  1. Say to yourself these specific words: “There it is again. That’s not me, That’s an old program.
  2. Observe yourself deeply: “What physical and emotional sensations do I feel? Where do I feel them?” Specify: “I feel it [here]. It feels like [this].
  3. Acknowledge and praise yourself. Thank yourself for no longer feeding the old program and dis-identifying with it, for catching and supporting yourself and no longer losing energy to it. Say to yourself: “Thank you. I love you, I love you, I love you.

The purpose of this exercise is not so much to eliminate the negative—which will happen on its own when you stop feeding it—but to install the positive and change your thinking. Practise without judgment. Very soon you will have changed your habitual state of consciousness and replaced it with this automatic conscious response.

Each practice takes a maximum of 15 seconds—x 10 = 2.5 minutes per day.

How many days will it take before this healthy response has become a new program for you?

Please let me know how this exercise has helped you change your life! Add your comments in the space provided below.


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Svetlana is a Toronto-based Master Energy Therapist and Holistic Coach. Through healing techniques, spiritual practices, energy psychology, and life coaching exercises, she empowers individuals to bring changes into their life and to live life fully to its highest potential. Her New Zest 4 Life approach helps to release blocks and to regain innate strength, focusing on ways to create quantum shifts in limiting beliefs and to stimulate changes at a level that allows for movement into a life of love, abundance, and joy beyond the wildest of dreams. Men are more than welcome to participate, too! Go to www.NewZest4Life.com to download your personal copy of 10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Energy and Happiness Levels Instantly.

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