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FAB Woman in the Spotlight: Anne Francis

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Today, I’m excited to shine the spotlight on Anne Francis, one of the newer members of our community. I’ve known Anne for a couple of years , but she’s recently decided to officially join our tribe. 

Anne is Independent Consultant, Executive Area Manager for Arbonne International. For more about Anne, please visit her website by clicking here.  

Please meet Anne…

000_0731FWhat drives you?

The desire for financial freedom, and opportunities to travel with my kids, and the desire to share those things with others.

Who or what inspired you to start your business?

Realizing that success and financial freedom were well within my grasp with Arbonne!

What has been some of your best lessons learned from taking risks and following your dreams?

You never know how big you can be, or how high you can fly, until you try. (And close the back door–quitting is not an option!)

When you fall out of balance or feel discouraged – what are some of your tips & strategies to get back on track and reconnect with your fabulous self?

I try to spend time doing some of the following every day–and particular when I feel out of balance: EFT tapping, running, meditation and affirmations (sometimes while running!), mirror work, alone time, personal development reading, yoga, practising piano, and listening to music (preferably Brahms, Chopin or Grieg).

What has been your biggest personal/professional accomplishment to date?

My 3 amazing kids. They are now 20, 16, and 12… which shocks me! Even though they’re getting older, I look forward to more opportunities to explore this amazing world with them.

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