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FAB Woman in the Spotlight: Natasha Mitchell

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I’m fortunate enough to call today’s FAB Woman in the Spotlight a friend – and one of the 5 people I choose to have in my inner circle of influence. Natasha is sharp, kind, funny, generous and just an all-around fabulous woman.

So excited to introduce you to my accountability partner, my friend and mentor, Natasha Mitchell.

For more about Natasha, please visit her website at inspireanddrive.com

What drives you? 

Working with creative people and seeing them think and achieve much more than they ever thought possible for themselves. I love seeing that ah ha moment in people’s eyes when everything falls into place and they know exactly how to take their business to a whole other level.

Who or what inspired you to start your business? 

The first business I ran was a real struggle.  I had one of those great ideas which everyone loved, but no-one wanted to buy.  I always knew that I was an entrepreneur and didn’t fit the corporate mold, but after my first business ‘died’ I had to go back to corporate again for a while.  I realized at that point that all of my skills that I  had learned in the corporate world, were the pieces of the puzzle that could help people be more successful and were the basis for my new business.  I want everyone who is creative and inspired to have a real chance at success and bringing their vision to life.

What are the 3 words best describe you?

Direct, Outgoing, Adventurous

What are you most passionate about?

I am most passionate about changing the way we do business.  People need to an outlet to use their talents to their best ability, whether it be in a corporation or their own business.  Life is so much more interesting and people are so much happier when they are doing what they love and I want to help people achieve that.

What is your definition of success? 

My definition of success is freedom.  Freedom to chose where and when I work, the things that I want to work on and the people that I work with.  My focus is building and growing an online business so that I can reach people all over the world and run my business from wherever I call home and have lots of time to enjoy life and travel.

What has been some of your best lessons learned from taking risks and following your dreams? 

One of the biggest risks I ever took (a few times actually) was moving to a new country where I knew no-one and did not have a job.  Every single time I have pushed myself out on a limb, great things have happened.  I have met amazing people, achieved great career success and everything has led me to where I am today.  Every move has led me to a new opportunity and has given me the experience and confidence to step  into my own business..

When you fall out of balance or feel discouraged – what are some of your tips & strategies to get back on track and reconnect with your fabulous self?

Sometimes there seems like there is so much to learn and that I can never keep up with all of the big names out there that have been doing this for years and already have their global empire.  To keep me on track I remind myself that they too started small but kept taking action.  I listen to a good meditation to relax, watch a funny movie, read a book or go out for a fun night out.  Taking a break and letting my mind relax usually puts things in perspective and gives me renewed energy to keep going.  Then I start with something small, that I know I can do and that helps give me renewed confidence to keep moving forward.

What has been your biggest personal/professional accomplishment to date? 

My biggest professional achievement to date has been stepping out on my own with Inspire & Drive this year and seeing how my tools, techniques and knowledge are really making a difference for my clients.

What are you most excited about right now?

I am launching my first ever online program called 30-Day Business Activator.  I have learned so much about all of the technology and steps to put together a program of this nature and am excited to share it with everyone.

What might others be surprised to learn about you?

I speak Italian and have studied in Italy a few times.  I love traveling there any opportunity I get, I definitely want to retire there!

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