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Do I have to be a member to attend a PFW event?

Not usually! We understand that most women want to come out and check things out before committing to a membership, so for the most part you’re welcome to join us (and bring a friend while you’re at it!). Everyone is welcome!

I just registered for my first event – what should I expect?

We know that for many women, coming out to your first event is nerve-wracking and stressful. All we can say is that PFW members are some of the most friendly, open and positive women around. We love to welcome new members and we do our very best to put everyone at ease, so don’t fret!
We normally start off our minglers with some open networking, where complimentary appetizers are served. We will later provide a facilitated networking activity on a particular topic (always fun!).  You will also hear introductions from some of our business members. Great connections and positive vibes guaranteed.

Do I need to bring a printed copy of my receipt to the events?

No – we have that covered, so just show up with a smile and you’re all set.

What’s the dress code at PFW live event?

Whatever makes you feel fabulous! Always remember that you’re representing your brand, so we encourage you to put on something that is comfortable, but also chic and elegant.

Can I get a refund for a pre-paid event?


We’re glad you asked! Here’s the PFW Refund Policy:

  • Cancellation requests made 72 hours prior to the date of the event are be eligible for a refund. There will be an administration fee of $10 charged. You are welcome to pass your ticket to a friend.

  • Any cancellations made within the 72-hour window as well as no-shows will NOT be eligible for a refund or credit. That includes sickness or any other change in schedule/circumstance.

  • We will only issue a full refund if the event is canceled.

  • Think of it like the theatre – if you book tickets and then get sick and can’t go, they don’t try to accommodate you for another show and unfortunately, neither can we. You are always welcome to pass on to a friend.

  • In the event that an event is rescheduled – a full credit will be provided which will be available for or 60 days.

Please note that if you are unsure of your attendance to an event, you usually have the option of paying by cash at the door at a slight increased cost.

Why should I consider a PFW business membership?

If you’re an inspired small business owner looking for affordable marketing solutions, then our memberships can provide with cost-effective ways to promote your offerings – as well as networking & speaking opportunities.  And you get to be part of a community of women who are like-minded, passionate and excited to support and collaborate.

We offer two options for you to participate in our community – so whether you’re looking for some basic marketing support or more extensive ways to amplify your message  – then we have affordable solutions that will help you move your business forward!

What’s the main difference between the two levels of memberships?

Both membership levels offer you increased visibility and opportunities to promote your offerings – so depending on your goals and needs, you may choose the level that suits you best. Please check out our membership page, and feel free to get in touch with us with your specific questions.

How do I get my business listed in the Fab Biz Directory?

A listing of your business is included with both levels of membership; Gold Connector Membership &  Silver Igniter . Please take a moment to explore our levels and see how we can support your business best.

I am organizing an event that I’d like to promote to your members, can you post it on your calendar?

As you can imagine, we get many requests to promote various events around the city, many of which support some great worthy causes. As a rule, we only promote events that are those of our registered Business Members (click here to find out how you can become a business member), partners and select charities. This allows us to keep the focus of our promotion on our own events, but supporting those who want to take an active role within our group.

I would love to present at a PFW event – where do I start?

If you’re an expert on a topic that you feel would be of interest to our community, and have an established platform to support it, then we’d love to hear from you.

We prefer to work with people who are experienced with presenting in a virtual environment and understand the process.  Also, it is important for everyone to know that our Members receive top priority in presenting to our community. If your not yet a member, click here to find out more information. If you’d like to submit a request, please complete this form and we’ll get in touch with you.

I have a product and/or business opportunity that I’d like to share with the group, can you help me spread the word?

We have a number of members who are involved with various network marketing companies and have some great products or business opportunities that they’d like to share with our group. While our goal is to support our members, we have a very strict rule against endorsing or aligning ourselves with any third-party organizations or businesses (other than our Business Members). We provide a platform and a space through which the members can network and promote products and services with each other, but we stay neutral and not get involved with any of these businesses ourselves.



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