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Getting through failure

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Can we talk about failure for a second?

I know it’s not sexy but…

I think you might be able relate to some of this, so please stay with me..

I’m talking about failures, setbacks, detours…
In life or biz

When you set your heart and soul on a goal
Get excited
Dream big
Work hard

And then it just doesn’t pan out
For whatever reason (it doesn’t matter why)

You feel defeated, disappointed, broken
Sometimes you might even feel angry and sorry for yourself (it happens)
Ouch. It hurts.
You need support to get back up on our feet 
To be reminded that you are still fabulous and have what it takes (you do)

Yet you are too embarrassed to admit or share your pain with others
and sometimes even to yourself 

So you go on pretending
Act like all is good
You sugar-coat like crazy
You force yourself to stay positive and up
And keep “busy”. Argh.

You worry what others might think 
You hide your not-good-enoughness

Because what if it is true?

What if you are not perfect (gasp)
What if you are not smart enough
What if you can ever get your shit together

You know what I’m talking about…

Here’s the thing…
We all go through this from time to time
Every. Single. One. Of. Us.
Even the ones that look like they have it all together
They too fall flat on their perfect faces or lovely derrières every now and then
Trust me on this one

You are not alone
I’ve been there myself, more times than you can ever imagine

There’s nothing wrong with you
You don’t need fixing

So go easy on yourself my friend
I know it’s tough to stand up and show up after you’ve been knocked down
Give yourself some time
But don’t ever give up on yourself or your dreams
The world needs all of YOU <3

Next time this happens
Take a few deep breaths
Practice a bit of forgiveness and self-love
Stand tall and proud
Hold your head up high
Chin up
Boobs out
Big beautiful smile
Take a tiny step forward

You’ve got this…

Love, Katia XO


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Katia Millar is the Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer of Positive Fabulous Women. She’s also a mentor, speaker, connector and visibility strategist with a mission to support women to show up, connect and shine their light so that they can do what they love & love what they do. Over the past 10 years, Katia has gone from being an overwhelmed, under-employed single mom with virtually no connections and no sense of purpose to creating a juicy life, building a solid brand, hosting 350+ events and growing a network of over 15 thousand. Katia has appeared in the Globe & Mail, SiriusXM, The Women’s Post, Chloe Magazine, Rogers TV, Extraordinary Women TV and has spoken to numerous local and national audiences both on stage and on camera. In addition, Katia has travelled to over 25 countries and considers herself to be a global citizen and bon vivant who is passionate about making a difference in the world.

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