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Have you given up on something dear to your heart? Now there’s hope…

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By, Andrea Winn, the Dream Whisperer

We all have dreams and hopes…

… for a deeply loving relationship to ease our painful loneliness

… to bring our business to the point where it financially supports us

… to resolve a painful conflict with someone we care about

… to lose weight, exercise more, play more, love more!

The new year is a key time when many of us feel motivated to make these kinds of changes. But how often are we able to follow through and create the change? Past failures can be disheartening.

I know for myself that in the past I have envisioned beautiful and powerful goals. My big goal for 2012 was to create an overnight
success internet healing business. Well, I established the business, but it has not sky-rocketed to the success that I envisioned. I struggled with feeling that I failed miserably! I’m not ashamed to admit this.

Rather than sinking into depression (well, I did go through a couple of months of depression, but rose again), I decided to investigate what happened and what I needed to learn from my failures last year. The key here is looking at what I did, learning from the feedback, and making little shifts. In all humbleness, I want to bring more authenticity, more compassion, and more connection into what I offer this year.

How about you? Would you like to learn how to develop confidence, be able to ride the bumps in the road, and take a practical approach to learning from failure – to empower your ability to get that lover – get that success – be healthy?

Find out more about Andrea and meditation here.

About Andrea M. Winn, MEd, dream whisperer:andrea-thumb
Brought up Tibetan Buddhist, she has meditated for 38 years. She offers therapeutic transformation and empowerment through individual coaching and teleseminars.

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