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How Powerful are Your Words?

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Your words are much more powerful than you can imagine.

Typically we answer the routine greeting “How are you?” by describing how we feel at the present moment: “I am surviving” or “I could be worse.” For a change, try this as an experiment: The next time someone asks you, answer “Great” or “Awesome”—and say it with enthusiasm and joy, sensing and expressing the full energy of the meaning. Notice how much better you feel.

Power of Your WordsYou cannot help but experience the energy of feeling great or awesome! Your face glows naturally with a genuine smile—you don’t have to fake it. The person who asked you smiles back—and feels better, too! And most important, your subconscious mind receives the message of feeling great or awesome—which starts to create this reality within you.

Be conscious of your thoughts and how they manifest through your words and create your reality. By being conscious of what you say and what you think, you exercise power to change your reality. It is very simple: Control your thoughts and choose your words carefully. Engage in daily practice—as with everything we do, the more we practice, the better we become at achievement.

You can empower yourself (and others) by choosing words that describe, create, and reflect back the power you (or they) already possess within—the power to choose and create a great/awesome life for yourself (and others).

The next time I ask how you are doing, let me hear “Fantastic,” “I can …,” and “Everything is possible.” Appreciate the power of your words and you will start to feel fantastic and know that you can and that it’s all possible—because you ARE and everything IS!

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Svetlana is a Toronto-based Master Energy Therapist and Holistic Coach. Through healing techniques, spiritual practices, energy psychology, and life coaching exercises, she empowers individuals to bring changes into their life and to live life fully to its highest potential. Her New Zest 4 Life approach helps to release blocks and to regain innate strength, focusing on ways to create quantum shifts in limiting beliefs and to stimulate changes at a level that allows for movement into a life of love, abundance, and joy beyond the wildest of dreams. Men are more than welcome to participate, too! Go to www.NewZest4Life.com to download your personal copy of 10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Energy and Happiness Levels Instantly.

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