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The Juicy Life

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Lately I’ve been using the term “juicy” quite a bit – and usually get a bit of reaction whenever I do.

Some people seem to love the word – and others are completely repulsed by it. Interesting, huh?

For me, living juicy means I take risks, trust my intuition, follow my curiosity and give myself the permission to get off track once in a while as I explore, get lost — and find my way again.


Juicy means I don’t always follow the rules, traditions or expectations of those around me. I march to my own drum beat.

Juicy means I am not typical anything – business owner, mother, daughter, woman, friend, partner.

Juicy means I embrace my fun, playful, feminine sexual energy  – and tend to my needs and desires.

Juicy means I accept my contradictions and celebrate my quirks.

Juicy means I can be strong but not hard. Soft but not mushy. Positive but not flaky. Grounded but not jaded.

Juicy means I make my dreams. passions and wants a priority in my life.

Juicy means I cry and laugh because I feel deeply about life and people.

Juicy keeps me connected to my essence, my purpose, my raison d’être, my WHY.

Juicy makes me feel radiant and fully alive!

Yet I’m fully aware that juicy is messy.

Juicy is not stable, secure, predictable or peaceful. Quite the contrary, it’s wild, scary and sometimes anxiety-inducing.

Juicy is not about fitting it and belonging. It likely involves standing out – and learning to be ok with that.

Juicy can sometimes mean we must disappoint or even let go of some people we truly care about.

Juicy requires steadfast determination and commitment to honour my truth every step of the way.

Juicy is not for everyone. But I know with every cell of my being that it’s what I want.

I choose juicy.

What about you?


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Katia Millar is the Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer of Positive Fabulous Women. She's also a business + visibility strategist for visionary entrepreneurs, experts and coaches. She specializes in helping you get your message out and be seen & heard by your tribe so that you can do what love & love what you do. You can connect with Katia every Thursday on the #PFWChat on Twitter at 11 am ET, or via one of her social links.

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