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Marla Mac MBA, CCS – Healthy Wallet (HealthyWallet.com)

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  • 15 Westney Rd North, PO Box 31095, Ajax, ON, Canada
  • 1-888-470-4884 (Canada and US toll free)
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***Find $500-$2500 more a month by using a cash flow plan. We invite you to have a complimentary call with us to learn more. Go to healthywallet.com/call to book a time to speak with us!***

Healthy Wallet is not just the name of our company, it is also our mission: we help you expand your financial means to fund your goals and dreams.

Our clients are busy professionals, corporate executives and business owners who are more than 10 years from retirement and want to eliminate their debt and increase their net worth, so they can fund their goals and dreams today (not “some” day!), work less and spend more time with the people they love.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day… do you want to be spending most of those running on a debt hamster wheel or growing your net worth at a snail’s pace? Yeah, we didn’t think you did either!

Having more money month after month means more than just a better net worth… it also means less stress, more choices, more time freedom and more peace of mind!

In our experience, sometimes conventional money wisdom can keep you broke. Our goal is to break you free from the money myths that don’t serve you.

Most importantly, we do this in an environment with no judgement. Our CEO, Marla Mac, overcame her own financial obstacles and knows what it’s like to wonder where money goes. At Healthy Wallet, we provide solutions unique to our clients’ financial situations, and additional coaching to enhance our clients’ success.
We do this in three key ways:

  1. Align your money with what matters most to you, your values, goals and dreams, so you can fund your dreams and live the way that benefits you and your family
  2. Identify your money strengths and weaknesses, address poor money behaviours and improve the areas where your relationship with money is holding you back
  3. Structure your money and follow a system to take where you want to be financially and in life; pay down your debt and ramp up your net worth so you have more options on how to spend your time, with peace of mind!
  4. Find $500-$2500 more a month by using a cash flow plan. We invite you to have a complimentary call with us to learn more. Go to healthywallet.com/call to book a time to speak with us!
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Marla Mac MBA, CCS, is a Money Coach and Certified Cash Flow Specialist. She’s the go-to gal to get unstuck financially, helping you power down your debt and power up your net worth. Marla earned her MBA and climbed the income ladder. However, as her income grew, so did her debt. In her attempt to her money get back on track, Marla turned to the teachings of big-name personal finance gurus. In the meantime, despite a six-figure corporate income, Marla’s student debt and credit cards ballooned to $95,000… more than one year’s take home pay! She stopped listening to conventional money wisdom and forged her own path. Marla reduced her debt, and grew her net worth by over $100,000. Since money touches everything in our lives, Marla founded Healthy Wallet (www.HealthyWallet.com) to help others achieve financial health, wealth and peace of mind.

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