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Life and Biz are Not a Peek-a-Boo Game

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Hiding – or simply not showing up fully – is our way or sabotaging ourselves

We make up stories and excuses to keep ourselves small

We allow the fear to take over and dictate our lives.

You say to yourself…

What if I fail?

Well, darling…

What if you succeeded?

What if you took actions to move forward…

Despite the fear and hesitation?

What if it all works out?

What if you changed one person’s life?

What if this person needs you today — not tomorrow, next week or next month?

What if there are 10, 100, 1000 people who are eagerly awaiting for you to show up?

What if you could create a life where you do what you love & love what you do?

While serving others and contributing to the world.

Now imagine that!!!

The world is truly ready for you to share your gifts

Is today YOUR day?

Let’s do this ❤

Love, Katia xo

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February 1, 2018 |

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