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What is #PFWChat?

#PFWChat is a chat hosted on Twitter. It starts at 11 am ET and lasts for 1 hour. It is fun, casual, informative and a fantastic way to engage with a like-minded community on Twitter. It is a great way to boost your T


witter profile, get new followers and connect with other fabulous women who are all about living their passion, rocking their business and making a difference.

If you’re new to social media, and to Twitter specifically, then the #PFWChat is a great way for you to learn & practice within a supportive community.

#PFWChat Format

We have a predetermined topic every week around a variety of subject areas that are both personal and professional in nature.

The usual format consists of a few minutes of introductions, followed by questions every few minutes posted by the host or co-host, with responses fr

om the participants.

Why Should I Join the #PFWChat

1. #PFWChat is informal and fun – so there’s a lot of room to get to know other users better. It is a great way to share ideas and establish deeper connections. You get to engage with some fabulous women, gain new friends (and Twitter followers) and expand your network.

2. You learn new things: #PFWChat provides you with a great opportunity to learn new things from those with more experience than you.

3. You can share your opinions: We get to share your own experiences and ideas with others who are eager to support you.

pfwchatcalenderHow to Join #PFWChat

  1. To join, simply type #PFWChat in your search function and follow all the tweets.
  2. You can participate through Twitter itself, or use one of many tools such as Hootsuite (our favourite) –  tcchat or TweetChat.
  3. You’ll see a stream of all the tweets that contain #PFWChat
  4. Questions on the #PFWChat start with Q1, Q2, etc.
  5. Questions on the #PFWChat are asked either by @KatiaMillar and/or a co-host.
  6. To submit an answer, simply compose a tweet starting with A1, A2, etc.
  7. Make sure you include the #PFWChat with all your tweets so that they’re seen by everyone else.
  8. Try to limit your responses to 120 characters (or less) so that others can retweet them.
  9. If  you see a tweet from someone else that you’d like to share with your followers, just retweet or preface with an “RT”.
  10. Don’t be shy – feel free to jump in at any point.
  11. Relax and have fun – even when the stream is going fast and you’re having trouble keeping fun. Remember we are a very supportive community and love to make you feel at ease.

Are you a Topic Expert?

Are you interested in co-hosting a #PFWChat? Click here to submit your proposed topic!

Additional Resources

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Want to Stay Connected?

If you’d like to get Twitter reminders and topic notices for our upcoming chats, just tweet us at @PosFabWomen and ask to be included in the #PFWChat reminders!

Hope to “see” you on Thursday!

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