Positive Fabulous Women

Show Up, Connect & Shine!


Here’s a sampling of what some of our members have to say about their experiences with our group…

“What Katia is doing in PFW is different, and I realized today what is different. She is bringing magic to this women’s community. She sprinkles fairy dust on us, and it creates the space for us to transform ourselves in positive, inspiring ways.”
— Andrea M. Winn

“Positive Fabulous Women is not just a name: thanks to Katia it’s a reality. Katia and PFW are unique in the GTA, and Katia is the role model whom we all admire – after all, she does perform miracles organizing all these amazing events!.”
— Susan De Rosa

“We are creating an amazing networking group of women We support each other in our careers and personal life. Belonging to the group enhanced my life . I truly believe that anyone that is part of the group will benefit greatly .”
— Rossana Cardenas, PFW Gold Connector Member

“Positive Fabulous Women lead by Katia Millar is an amazing and worthwhile group to join. Ms. Millar is an inspiration to watch in action. ”
— Georgia

“Anything Katia does is fabulous. Her group is so very aptly named.”
— Carrie Klassen

“PFW really lives up to its name. This truly is a group of Positive Fabulous Women and I encourage women to join this group because it is a wonderful way to meet new people and create personal and business relationships. ”
— Marissa Ferrera

“This is the kind of group I need. Inspiring motivating, unconventional, spiritual and warm-friendly.”
— Josie

“This is just THE most AMAZING group of women I have ever met and I have never felt better since getting to know just a few in our Toronto crowd and just getting involved. I have been and still am going through some very challenging times and just knowing the ladies I have met have taken me to a whole new level of dealing with the adversity, being my true self and ENJOYING LIFE again! This group needs all 5 stars and MORE. A++++ to Katia!”
— Corinne

“You get to connect with women, share ideas, thoughts, and just to be with others to connect with where you may not have had the opportunity to do so.  Katia’s group is a fun, inspirational group.  You can make new friends, who are positive and fabulous. ”
— Sandy Hurst

“Lots of energy in this group, everyone was approachable and friendly. What I really liked as well was the wide age range among us, making the group that much more dynamic!
— Yvette

“Absolutely Fabulous, forthcoming, and full of warmth. You should join this meet up group to learn about what and how much people are doing in order to contribute to the society. Learn about their life, their success stories and understand that you will never leave the room without a smile. Every meet up is a new experience. Most importantly you can gain many new and genuine friends who will be there to have fun with you, motivate you and help you make the most of life. New Person, New Beginning and New Door! Join us NOW and feel Fabulous! ”
— Lubna Zaidi

“Great networking events – good connections, open women. ”
— Jaime

” This is a great group for any women wanting to connect with other women for potential business contacts, friendships, or just share a couple of hours of fun and interesting conversation with someone new. The variety of events and venues, not to mention the diversity of women who join, make it worth the while. ”

” It is a great way to grow, learn, network and have fun! ”
— Cheryl

” Because you will meet fantastic women in a warm, supportive, empowering environment and you will have the opportunity to participate in the most amazing events.
— Jenny

” It’s a great opportunity for women to meet other women with a positive attitude and a zest for life!”
— Leanne Fullerton

” This is a fabulous way to meet new people, have some fun and get out of your comfort zone! ”
— Eugénie Eckler

” Everybody is so uplifting, positive and fabulous! ”
— Isabel

“Anyone wanting to build their business and social networks this is the place to be. ”
— Charlene

” A fantastic opportunity to network with an extraordinary group of women! Outstanding organizers!
— Heather

“Warmth from all of the people in it. Very encouraging and sharing women. I am meeting some new best friends. I love the positive vibe everyone brings into the room. Katia is great at bringing a wide mix of topics to the events.”
— Susan Winlaw



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