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Part of the Sandwich Generation? by @JaneBlaufus

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No, I do not mean that you grew up liking sandwiches. The ‘sandwich generation’ is a growing demographic within the baby boomers (born 1947-1966) and they were the first to struggle with both the financial needs of kids in post-secondary education and retired parents.  While elderly people are benefiting from rising life expectancies, their children – often parents themselves – are ‘sandwiched’ in the middle, caring for two generations.  Today their kids may have finished college or university but many have moved back home due to financial difficulties. For the first time in history, many kids are competing with their parents for entry-level jobs.  Meanwhile, their aging parents may have outlived their retirement savings and not only be short on cash – they might also require a daily caregiver. (more…)

May 18, 2016 |

The Lost Art of Follow Up @JaneBlaufus

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I have spent years coaching and training business owners and salespeople about how essential networking is to the lifeblood of their business. I am constantly amazed at the amount of time and money they are ready to invest in the up-front piece of networking and how little they focus on the real return on their investment, the follow-up.


November 17, 2015 |

7 Marketing Success Tips by @JaneBlaufus

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As a business owner or sales professional, we all have the same number of hours in a day and days in a week so how do we make the most of this time when it comes to our marketing efforts? When we start out, we sometimes feel like we are the jack-of-all-trades with a lot on our plates. How are we going to find time to create our products or deliver our services, manage our money, attract new customers, ensure our operation runs smoothly and not lose our minds while we are doing it? (more…)

November 10, 2015 |
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