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Social Media Visibility Audit

Put Social Media to Work For You!

brandingSocial media is a powerful tool that can help you engage with tribe, grow your following and connect with potential partners/prospects. The key is to ensure that your values, mission and vision are reflected in your branding and that the message you’re communicating is aligned with your WHY. Otherwise, you might be wasting your time posting, commenting and sharing things have get you no where and don’t move you any closer to your goals.

You might be doing all the right things – but still not getting any real engagement and you feel like you’re wasting your time. Perhaps you need to tweak some things and make few adjustments here and there, but you are unsure where to start. Perhaps your message is not aligned with your brand. It might be that you’re not sharing enough – or sharing too much. Maybe you’re coming across as generic and lacking that WOW factor. 

Sounds at all familiar?

If so, then let me help you figure out how you’re really doing and support you in navigating your way to where you need to be. Let me help you figure out how you’re really doing and support you in navigating your way to where you need to be. I will step in and take a look at what you’re doing (set-up, content, etc) and come back and give you a report card – as well as some recommendations, tips and strategies for moving forward so that you can put your mind at ease.

When I perform a Visibility Assessment for your business, I take a look at all of your current channels and give you honest, detailed feedback on your performance. I will also provide you with suggestions and recommendations on how to optimize your efforts so that you create visibility that resonates with your vision, engage with your tribe so that you are in a position influence to make an impact on the world.

Why a Social Media Visibility Audit?

If you’re like most people, you’re likely spending a good amount of time – and possibly money – on your website and social media marketing. However, if you’re not set-up correctly and/or not communicating the right message, then you’re likely wasting your time!

When I perform a social media visibility audit, I will step in and take a look at your website and social media activity with a neutral and unbiased  fresh set of eyes to ensure that it is effectively communicating your brand – then then move on to your social media channels with a detailed assessment of the set-up, engagement and actionable recommendations your can start implementing immediately.

What’s Included?

  • Detailed intake form
  • Complete review of your website plus up to 3 of your social media channels
  • Detailed written report with specific steps and action steps with tips and suggestion on implementation
  • One 60-minute follow-up phone consultation to review your results and discuss next steps
  • Unlimited email support for 2 weeks following your report to answer any questions

Here’s what one client had to say…

charleneI was aware that my online presence needed some help, but I felt overwhelmed and just couldn’t decide on where to start. Katia performed a complete assessment of my website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – and provided me with a written report that included very specific steps that I could implement – from set-up to messaging, branding and everything in between. After reviewing her recommendations during our call, I felt empowered to make significant changes to my website that have resulted in creating a stronger online presence that is better aligned with who I am. I am confident this will support me in attracting more clients and generating additional revenue for my business.  I highly recommend the Social Media Visibility Audit to any business owner looking for clarity, guidance and a cost-effective review of their marketing efforts.

Charlene Day | http://www.charleneday.com

Only $297 + HST

Satisfaction Guaranteed!



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