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Why does losing a piece of our heart hurt so much?


By Andrea Winn, the Dream Whisperer

We’re women, and we love. And inevitably there has been a time when we have all gotten hurt through loving and then losing someone. It’s a natural part of life, that usually feels so wrong!

What we do with that hurt is key to all our future success. Are you going to lock it away and muscle on in your life? Or are you going to find a good way to grow your heart through this experience. A wise woman once asked me, are you going to get bitter or are you going to get better? So that’s the question I put to you today.

The “bitter” track… Well it cramps our style. It locks away important parts of our personality, because important parts of us will be attached to the loss of that special someone. Locking it away locks away our precious parts we associate with that relationship. When we are trying to have love relationships and do business with people while missing pieces of our heart, it certainly impacts the quality of interactions we have. We’re not bringing our full, loving self to the relationship – and people feel that.

The “better” track… By looking at what we have to learn from the experience, being present with the hurt so we can pass through the grieving to a renewal, allowing the experience to process us, make us stronger, more whole, wiser, more intensely beautiful – this is the life-affirming way to move through loss. It pretty much always needs to happen in relationship with others, whether that be friends, family a therapist or other healing person. This kind of healing experience is very possible, and depends on our willingness to open to the healing.

I wish the better track for all women. I wish your happiness, your success, and for your heart to fully open to the love, strength and beauty you are capable. I build all of my programs on this healing methodology. I welcome you to join my next free teleseminar: Revving Up the Power of Your Abundance. It is all about healing and self-empowerment in order to open to your inner Abundance. Connecting with that is the most beautiful of feelings! To Rev up the Power of your Abundance, click here.

About Andrea M. Winn, MEd, dream whisperer:
Brought up Tibetan Buddhist, she has meditated for 38 years. She offers therapeutic transformation and empowerment through individual coaching and teleseminars.

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October 10, 2012 |

One thought on “Why does losing a piece of our heart hurt so much?

  1. Patti Pokorchak says:

    Thanks Andrea, these are wonderful thoughts.

    Better is so much better than bitter!

    Better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all! Better to have experience both the highs and the lows of life, than to simmer on even.

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