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Night Owls, Sleep and Self-Acceptance


As a night owl, my creative juices usually start flowing when most people are already in bed. I’ve been able to get myself to bed at a normal time most nights – but every now and then (ahem, like last night) I get hit with an idea that keeps me up – very late. And then I’m all sluggish the next day. Not fun.

Despite what others may think, I’m quite content being a night owl – and see no reason to “fix” myself. Some days I’m tired (coffee anyone?) and I need to make some modifications to my schedule – but for the most part I’m ok with it. Just (more…)

April 22, 2014 |

Saint Yourself Scratching Others’ Backs


Almost every small business I meet gets most of their clients from referrals. However, almost all of them agree that they’re not getting enough clients.

Well, I’m here to help speed up your lead pipeline. There are 5 ways that I get referrals that I think you might find useful.

The first way to get a referral is through your existing clients. They think you’re the cat’s meow because hellooooooooo- (more…)

April 22, 2014 |

Life is Hard (Oh really?!)


I’m so excited about spring’s arrival and all the renewed sense of hope it brings – that I’m not even annoyed at the chirping birds waking me up in the morning (and trust me I love my morning sleep!).

No matter what the season is – each one of us is served with both opportunities and challenges everyday – and up to us to (more…)

April 8, 2014 |